Esteban is passionate about advocating towards sustainable and resilient design. This interest motivates him to learn and be informed in sustainable design, an area that he believes is the future of the architecture industry.

Esteban loves solving a puzzle and working within the schematic design (SD) and design development sets (DD) phases of projects. His collection of work includes aviation, both K-12 and higher education, and healthcare facilities. His role in these projects has included an emphasis in early design development as well construction documentation, BIM management, and virtual reality (VR) coordination and visualization.

Esteban received both his Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Architecture from Texas Tech University. He also holds a certificate in Urban and Community Design.

Esteban enjoys playing the piano and experimenting with different musical instruments. He is an avid listener to movie soundtracks and composers. Esteban also likes reading, playing video games, and designing and building his own furniture. Esteban is an animal lover, when he is not spending time with his two cats and two dogs, he is passionate about volunteering in the Wildlife Center of Texas helping with wildlife rehabilitation.

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