Victoria excels working within tight budgets and getting creative with design solutions. This has led her to gain significant experience in k-12 education. Victoria enjoys working closely with school districts to help them realize their vision. She has worked on all aspects of projects from programming/planning and schematic design to documentation and through construction administration to completion.

Having a diverse cultural background has made me more sensitive to understanding the user’s demographics and addressing their needs. One of our elementary school projects enrolls predominantly a Hispanic student population, understanding this allowed us to include one important cultural factor which is language. The graphics throughout the school include words in Spanish, which the students can identify with. At an early age, this makes a big difference in creating and maintaining their identity.

Victoria on how her Hispanic Heritage is an asset to the design process

Victoria received a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Houston (UH). She also received her
Master of Business Administration from EUDE Business School in Madrid. As a student at UH, her design work was published in the Houston Chronicle and UH’s Collective Works 3. Victoria was selected by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture to present her work at the Globalizing Architecture/Flows and Disruptions Conference.

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