Claudia is very interested in community-based and aviation projects. She is currently involved in higher education and K-12 work and is eager to expand her knowledge in the profession. Claudia is an active and supportive team member in all phases of design.

Claudia earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree at the University of Houston. To supplement her knowledge, she minored in Construction Management. During school, she served as the project manager for Freedom By Design, an organization that encourages creative students to serve their communities by addressing issues with design solutions. Her 5th-year project was awarded 2nd place in the 2023 Undergraduate Design Awards and was recognized at the commencement ceremony. She strives to continuously learn by being involved in the Latinos in Architecture (LiA) organization and attending local events held by the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Claudia is passionate about traveling the world. She prefers exploring new places for their culture, food, language, art, fashion, music, and of course architecture. She believes that by becoming a “temporary local” she gains a deeper understanding of people from different walks of life. This helps her to ultimately become a better designer. After all, an architect’s job is to design spaces that cater to all. When Claudia is not out adventuring, she can easily be found indoor-cycling, listening to music, or drinking tea.

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