A renovation to the existing Student Services building, this new design mirrors Dallas College’s attitude about student engagement and support. Students are empowered to create their own futures and supported by a team of experts as they navigate onboarding, enrollment and academic success – all in one building.

Newly created spaces include an information gallery, testing suite, counseling, registrar, bookstore, and services for financial aid, academic transfer, veteran and disability affairs. The innovative design creates a double-height, top-lit “gallery” equipped with table-top technology, where students and their families can manage the registration process or seek support from the easily visible staff nearby.

The space’s new layout makes wayfinding obvious: students can easily see where they need to go to complete their next step. The light-filled facility offers interior transparency and generous views of campus. New branding and interactive displays provide students and visitors with accessible information about the history of Cedar Valley and the goings-on around campus.

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