HarrisonKornberg’s reinvigoration of the Houston Parks and Recreation Division main campus included relocating the Recreation and Wellness department into a converted metal warehouse building comprising twenty-one thousand square feet.

The building originally housed landscaping equipment, mechanical parts and document archives in an uninsulated, windowless shell. Our team re-designed the space to create a bright and collaborative environment supporting the Recreation and Wellness team. The renovation provided new open rooms and private offices for 30 staff, conference space, multi-purpose space, and a small gym.

The team recognized the inherent beauty of the existing open volume and exposed structure, and preserved these key elements in the renovation. The existing exterior wall system was replaced with insulated walls. Large windows were added to brighten the interior and allow views. The existing roof was left in place, and a new metal roof was installed above it, thus saving significant roof replacement costs. New MEP systems were installed to support the new office and conference spaces. A new canopy identifies the main entrance to the building’s many visitors. Bold colors and splashes of whimsy create a dynamic and playful home for Rec and Wellness.

The AE team and CMAR worked closely to deliver this project. Milestone cost estimates by the CMAR were reviewed by the AE team and the team’s cost estimator to ensure all scope was considered and appropriately valued. This project was done simultaneously with the Gragg renovation, so the team had to consider the overall project cost when making decisions about the warehouse renovation. The CMAR determined the most efficient sequence of construction was to begin with Gragg then transfer the subcontractors to the Wheeler Warehouse. Given the short documentation period, the AE team coordinated our document delivery to align with the CMAR’s construction schedule.

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